26 Jan

Turkish Olive oil sector aims for Asia

To increase foreign trade, the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) is preparing some overseas publicity activities for all sectors, particularly olive and olive oil.

China and India are the priority targets for the advertising campaigns, TİM Chairman Oğuz Satıcı said midweek at a press conference held by olive and olive oil sector representatives at the Foreign Trade Complex. The preparations have just begun, Satıcı said.

“Among 23 Chinese provinces, we chose four main coastal provinces as pilot regions. Just one of these provinces has a population of 40 million. Oil consumption is high in the province whereas olive oil consumption is very low. It is a potential market for Turkish olive oil sector.”

With its 130 million olive trees, Turkey is world’s second largest olive cultivator, after Spain. It also is among the top five countries in olive oil production, said Satıcı.

Increasing sales
Turkey has a potential to increase its domestic and overseas market sales thanks to its olive tree capacity, said Satıcı. If Turkey manages to use the opportunity well enough, “it may become the world’s second biggest market in olive oil use within the next five years. At TİM, we are preparing advertising campaigns for all sectors. This will also contribute to olive and olive oil sector. By getting rid of struggles within, the sector should consider how to increase packaged product sales both in Turkey and in the world.”

The second Anatolive Eurasia Olive, Olive Oil and Processes Fair to be held in April has high significance for the sector, said Satıcı. “Turkey may become the leader of the region should it succeed in this fair.”

The exports of the sector have declined in the last two years particularly due to drought and price speculations, said Metin Ölken, chairman of the Zeytin Dostu Olive and Olive Oil Association. Ölken said that good products will help boost morale this year. The main target in the short run is the domestic market, said Ölken, adding that a lack of advertising constitutes an obstacle for sales.

“We will overcome this difficulty by speeding up advertising together with the Olive and Olive Oil Committee established by the Undersecretariat of Foreign Trade and Exporters Association.”

Annual oil and olive oil consumption per capita is still below one kilogram, said Ölken. “It is producers that experience the most serious problem in the sector. Producer premiums stand at one per 20 of the European Union. We may become a big player in the sector also by increasing the number of young trees.”

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