04 Oct

Pollen from feral olives can cause ‘severe respiratory problems’

The expansion of olive production across the country could be leading to human health problems.

The Cooperative Research Centre for Australian Weed Management says leaving fruit on trees after harvesting is causing feral olives to spread outside the grove.

Chief executive Rachel McFadyen says the pollen from feral olives can cause severe respiratory problems.

“Olive pollen is quite a severe allergen, that’s to say if people breath it they develop an allergy to it, and then they start to suffer from hay fever and sinusitis and eventually perhaps asthma,” she said.

“Our evidence is that at least 20 per cent of people who are regularly exposed to olive pollen will develop an allergy to it, it may be higher but [it is] at least 20 per cent, one in five.”

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  1. Jen Says:

    I recently had an allergic reaction after ingesting olive oil today. It only took 5 minutes for it to kick in but I started choking on a piece of potatoe and spit it out and during that time I had excess pleghm and coughing. I had to use the restroom and have severe diarrhea for 30 minutes, I grabbed my inhaler of Proventil and took 2 inhales of inhalent. I then grabbed a glass of water in hopes of clearing out the pleghm I also took an over the counter antihistamine. After about 15 minutes I started to feel better and my symptoms have now subsided. In the past, I have also realized this allergic reaction before with Olive Oil it wasnt until today that I completly realized that I’m allergic to it. The product name is: Giant Eagle Market District.

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