19 Oct

Olives & Vitamins

Prized by the ancient civilizations of Athens and Rome, olives are little fruits packed with goodness.

Their history dates back thousands of years and it’s hardly surprising when you consider just how good for us olives are. They are an abundant source of calcium, containing over 100mg per 100 grams.

This vital mineral is necessary for the smooth functioning of the heart muscles, transmission of nerve impulses, muscle growth and blood clotting. They also contain magnesium and phosphorus, which with calcium, are the three essentials minerals for a healthy heart.

Olives are the best fruit source of the trace mineral copper which helps the body absorb iron, also present in olives, and assists with the formation of muscle fibres and healthy, strong bones. Both of these minerals also essential for healthy blood.

If your man is lacking sex-drive and you want to ward off colds and flu, olives are the food you should be eating! Olives are packed with zinc, essential in the digestion process and in the control of insulin. Zinc also contains enzymes which helps to break down alcohol. Olives also contain vitamins B2, B3, and B6 essential for a healthy nervous system.

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