12 Dec

Give me an artisan olive in my martini

By Michael Bauer,

Why aren’t martini olives given the same attention as the rest of the drink?

From your postings, I gather that your cocktail of choice is the Negroni. However, I was wondering if you ever order martinis? If so, are you ever disappointed with the olives? I’ve been surprised to find that some very good restaurants and bars use very bad olives. It seems that most elements in making a martini you have some control over when ordering out — up vs. rocks, shaken vs. stirred, dirty, dry, etc. Why is there no choice when it comes to the olive?

I do love a good martini, but I got on a negroni kick about two years ago. I’m not sure why, with the artisan cocktail movement, more bars aren’t paying attention. Or maybe they are and I just don’t know.

Martini drinkers, help us out. Who has the best martini, and really good olives?

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