12 Feb

Bay Flora Launches Neighborhood Olive Tree Program

Olive trees are recommended by many cities for street plantings. Bay Flora’s new neighborhood olive tree planting program supports neighborhoods in appropriate climates who want to plant olive trees along their streets.

Berkeley, CA (PRWEB) February 12, 2007 — Bay Flora, an online nursery that offers unusual edible plants and related items, is pleased to announce a neighborhood olive tree planting program. Any neighborhood group can participate. The only requirement is an order of at least 20 trees and a willingness to care for them after they’re planted. Discounts of up to 20% from the list price of $29.50 are available, depending on the quantities involved and the location.

“My French relatives live in a village in Provence, and everyone harvests their olives and presses them together,” says Maureen Burke, owner of Bay Flora. “It’s a great tradition that should be encouraged in areas of the U.S. that are favorable for olive tree growing.”

Water shortages are a fact of life in many parts of the United States, and olive trees provide a suitable choice for xeriscapes. Many cities list olives as preferred trees in parking strip plantings due to their adaptability, low water requirements and growth patterns.

Bay Flora sells McEvoy Ranch organic olive trees and is one of the few sources of high-quality, individual trees. The neighborhood tree program will expand on this capacity and offer larger quantities at reduced rates to neighborhood groups. To enroll, a neighborhood representative should contact Bay Flora through the Bay Flora website.

Gail Bateson, a long-time Kensington, CA resident, looks forward to the day the trees on her block will bear fruit. “Our street will be transformed by planting 100 trees on either side of the roadway,” says Bateson.

“And I don’t mean just making the neighborhood more beautiful. It will be great to harvest the olives with the whole neighborhood and make our own olive oil. My kids are already designing labels for our Ardmore Avenue olive oil, and Bay Flora is helping us with all the details.”

Bay Flora will consult with neighborhood representatives to make sure the proper varieties are chosen for the climate, soil and pollination requirements. In addition, Bay Flora will assist groups with curing and pressing information.

Since Plato’s time, planting a tree has been a sign of belief in the future. An olive tree, with its lifespan of centuries, is the best gift this generation can give to the next.

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