26 Feb

Croatia: Nadin Olive Oil Champion Of “Olive 2007”

Champion title of the third international olive cultivators` competition “Olive 2007” went to Mile Vrsajko of Nadin.

The champion was chosen in a competition from 1,012 samples of olive oil from Croatia and 10 countries of the word. Five olive cultivators, Emanuel Grubic of Bala, Andrijana Rubin of Jelsa, Vanja Dujc of the Slovenian Kopar, Nikola Bratic of Sibenik and Pero Skoric of Skradin won vice-champion plaquettes, while 300 manufacturers received gold medals, the Poslovni dnevnik daily writes.

Important for olive oil that olives are processed within 24 hours
Golden plaquette also went to the oil mill in Nadin, where the victorious oil was produced. The winner Vrsaljko discovered how it is important for olive oil that olives are processed within 24 hours from the harvest. The international manifestation of Mediterranean olive cultivators “Olive 2007”, organised by the and the Split-Dalmatia county Olive cultivators` and oil producers` alliance and the Stobrec-based Micro company, imposed itself during these three years as the most important olive event of the year.

Mesic and Cobankovic princes of Croatian olive-growing
Sponsors of the manifestation, President Stjepan Mesic and Minister of Agriculture Petar Cobankovic were pronnounced princes of the Croatian olive-growing because of their special contribution to olive-growing, and the title of olive-growing knights went to Pavle Bakaric, Dobroslav Elezovic and Miro Gugic. This years`s Golden quill went to Sinaj Bulimbasic, president of the plit-Dalmatia county Olive cultivators` and oil producers` alliance.

Subventioning for the construction of oil repurchase storage
Minister Cobankovic announced at “Olive 2007” subventions for the construction of oil repurchase storage, with irreturnable resources, and favourable loans for the repurchase of olive oil, while President Mesic supported the initiative for the overgrown land owned by Croatian Woods to be appointed to cities and municipalities.

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