12 Mar

Turkey: Olive oil factory becomes museum

An initiative has been started by the Kuşadası Association of Tourist Guides (KURED), with the support of the Turkish Tourist Guides Federation (TUREF), to make an old olive oil factory located in the Ortaklar neighborhood of Aydın’s Germencik province into a museum.

The museum will be the second one in its field in Turkey after the Adatepe Olive Oil Museum in the Altınoluk province of Ayvalık in Balıkesir. Speaking to the Anatolia news agency, KURED Chairman Ali Karapınar said they had talks with the owners of the factory, Germencik Province Director Niyazi Can and Ortaklar Mayor Ümmet Akın to make the factory, which dates back to 1930, a museum and received their support.

Karapınar said their aim was to bring the values of the city to light and offer new alternatives for tourists. “The factory was closed down by its owner. Its architectural structure is very suitable to become a museum. When it becomes a museum, scale models and paintings featuring the olive and olive oil business, and all equipment related to olive oil will be on display on the top floor. There will also be a projection room in the museum. Tourists will be shown olive oil production. This place will also be used as a cultural center,” said Karapınar.

A new olive oil brand will be founded: Karapınar said they would also found a new olive oil brand, adding that the olive oil and soap produced in the factory would make an important contribution to the economy of the Ortaklar neighborhood.

Noting that when the museum project was put into effect, a new tour program including Selatin village – where the ancient city of Magnesia, which is not visited by tourists, and an 800-year-old ancient plane tree are located would be prepared. Germencik Province Director Can said the inclusion of Selatin village in the tour program was very important for the people of the village to preserve their own culture and bring in some tourism income.

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