22 Mar

Santa Barbara Olive Company, Estate of the Day

By Deidre Woollard,

Perhaps you’ve given up on the California winery dream, too labor intensive, too confusing and the market is crowded with small winemakers. How about the olive company dream?

Today’s estate in Goleta, California offers you the chance to become the owner of a 101 acre ranch that is home to over 5,000 mature olive trees.
It is the location of the Santa Barbara Olive Company, which is now moving their headquarters to Santa Maria. The scenic ranch full of rolling hills has an 8,800 square foot main residence with a pool, spa, game room, music room and four bedrooms.
It is listed at $13.5 million.

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2 Responses to “Santa Barbara Olive Company, Estate of the Day”

  1. John Simms Says:

    I would like to get gallon cans or jars of whole ripe olives. I can only find pitted olives. Do you sell them or do you know where I can get them. Thank you,

    John Simms
    6713 Stonewall Ave.
    Downers Grove, IL 60516

  2. $450,000 Embezzled From SB Olive Co - Olives101.com Says:

    […] Sheriff deputies arrested 39-year-old Cathy Latou who, reportedly admitted to embezzling over $360,000 from the Santa Barbara Olive Company. […]

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