26 Apr

Organic Agriculture in Tunisia is growing with olive trees

In order to develope organic agriculture in Tunisia and raise more awareness in the farmers of this very promising market in the future says, journalist Ridha Bahlous in Allafrica, a colloquium has been organized recently, which was chosen to promote this form of agriculture.

The Nefza region places natural potentials such as wide spread forests, never ending paths and very interesting agricultural crops important: In these honey, aromatic and medicinal oils (3 tons per year), and also cork (1.000 tons per year) are produced.

Organic fruit arboriculture will be reinforced in Testour, Djebba and in Thibar and this, according to the map of organic agriculture traced for the region. The organic olive trees for table olives shall be extended by 500 ha (equivalent to 750 t production), for olive oil production by 1500 ha (equivalent to 400 t production).

Six localities of the Nefza delegation will be concerned, primarily Ouchtata, Tabouba, Ezzouaraa and Cap Nigro. These localities cover an area of more than 22,000 hectares, of which 21,000 are forests. The regional strategy for the promotion of organic agriculture is based on several important actions. Foremost is the raising of consciousness of interested farmers, the number exceeding 1,500. The diversification of organic production and its expansion comes next, especially in the domains of fruit, cereals, medical and aromatic crops, and lastly the development of organic animal produce.

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  1. robert schreiber Says:

    Hi, i am maybe interested in selling olive leaf extract, or maybe the leaves as well, to health food (reform häuser) here in germany…and would need a wholesale source.

    do you have anyone doing that actively now?

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