02 Jun

Extra Virgin – Cancer Attack

It’s been noticed by many that the people living in the Mediterranean basin have a lower than expected incidence of certain cancers. Many things have been thought to be responsible for this, climate and lifestyle, among others, but now it is believed that a diet high in extra virgin olive oil fat is the actual reason.

Olive oil in a fiet has long been known to be healthy, but it is only now being realised that it is probably miore healthy than was previously thought. The people of the Mediterranean basin consume an incredible amount of olive oil. It is the basis for everything. They cook with it and they use it in nearly every recipe. Life without extra virgin olive oil is simply unthinkable to the French, Spanish, Italians, Greeks and others.

The cancers that seem to be resisted most through the use of extra virgin olive oil are, breast cancer, stomach cancer, ovary and colon cancers. It is believed that other cancers and ailments may benefit greatly from the regular use of this oil.

Of course, the people in the Mediterranean basin consume extra virgin olive oil quite simply because they love it. The olive grows especially well in the dry, hot climate that most of the area enjoys, so it makes sense to grow them. The so-called Mediterranean diet, which is becoming increasingly popular in America is high in extra virgin olive oil, and undoubtedly it is an extremely healthy option for anyone to take.