05 Oct

Pickling olives Milkwood style

The video who explain how to pickle Olives step by steps!

or click HERE

And all the explanation can be found HERE

Thanks to Nick

3 Responses to “Pickling olives Milkwood style”

  1. Nick Says:

    Hi there, thanks heaps for the traffic =)

    For better quality you might like to use the embed code behind the share link here http://milkwood.blip.tv/file/408477/

    I’ve pasted it below, but it might not get past your comment system 🙂 It would help me keep track of viewers too.

    Thanks again Nick

  2. Olives101 Says:

    Hi Nick,

    I’ve tried the embed code but it’s not working on the blog. Anyway, the direct link is under the video.

  3. Nick Says:

    No worries.. thanks for trying


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