27 Mar

Wimberley home to Texas’ first olive trees

The village of Wimberley is set in one of the prettiest parts of Texas and the soil here is great for growing flowers, fruits and vegetables.

One local farmer is getting some historical results; Bella Vista Ranch owner Jack Dougherty is getting the Texas soil to produce something rare in this part of the world: olives.

“This is the very first orchard in the state of Texas in history to get a commercial crop of olives. The story of olives in Texas dates back on a modern basis to 1982 when people began to look at olive growing as a commercial crop. And early orchards which were attempted were unsuccessful,” Dougherty said.

The problem was our Texas winters.

“I think the real issue is that the winters are not too cold, they’re too warm. And that really creates a problem because we see such extreme differentials in temperatures between the very hottest days and the very coldest days,” Dougherty said.

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