13 Apr

Pakistan: Govt planning to boost olive oil production

By Ijaz Kakakhel,

Realising importance of olive oil, the government is planning to encourage its production for meeting local requirements as well as for the export purposes.

An official in the Ministry of Food, Agriculture and Livestock told Daily Times here on Saturday there is a lot of potential for olive cultivation in the country.

According to an estimate, if eight million wild olive trees present in different provinces were grafted and converted into the productive olive then there was a potential of earning a maximum of one billion dollars annually.

Edible oil and oilseeds are the second biggest import item after petroleum products and the government has to be spent about $1 billion every year on the import of edible oil and oilseeds.

Local consumption of edible oils was around 2.795 million tonnes of which 70 percent was met through imports, the official added. The local production of edible oil accounts for about 30 percent of national requirement.

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