14 May

Olive heist mystifies Lovedale

It is like something out of a science fiction movie.
Four Lovedale olive groves have been completely cleared of this year’s crop, apparently overnight, with not a trace of vehicle movement, sound of machinery heard, and barely an olive to be found.

Between Wilderness Grove, Warraroong Estate, Sandalyn Estate and Zephyr Ridge, about 750 olive trees have been stripped bare (about 7.5 tonnes of olives), with an estimated retail value of more than $10,000.

It was not until Warraroong Estate’s pickers arrived last weekend that they realised there were no olives to be picked on any of its 150 trees, and the alarm was raised to neighbouring Wilderness Road properties.

Wilderness Grove owner Quentin von Essen said it usually takes six people two days to clear the 400-tree grove.

“It is particularly strange that the olives were removed not only from the trees but also from the ground. From over 400 trees we have two trees that have been left unpicked – the rest have been stripped bare – it is almost like the entire grove has been vacuumed,” Mr. von Essen said.

“It is really quite eerie,” he added.

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