23 Jun

Palestinian olive oil could soon be the 1st oil to receive Fairtrade status.

Last month, representatives of the Fairtrade Foundation and international Fairtrade Labelling Organisation (FLO) held a workshop in Ramallah on the process of certification, Fairtrade price setting and producer support for Palestinian olive farmers.

Central to the workshop was Zaytoun, a UK-based co-operative community interest company (CIC). All of its suppliers attended and local co-ordination for the visiting delegates was provided by Taysir Arbasi, Zaytoun’s director in Palestine.

At the workshop, producers agreed a guideline price scale for the Fairtrade market premium and this was approved by FLO at the start of June.

All partners in the supply chain now need to apply to FLO for inclusion in the certification process, which will start from July with the aim of being completed in time for this year’s olive harvest.

Since 2004 Zaytoun has imported more than 150 tons of olive oil (including earlier this year, certified organic olive oil), as well as Nablusi olive oil soap, za’atar (thyme based herb mix), dates, couscous and almonds.

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