28 Oct

TyTy Tree Nursery Now Shipping Olive Trees for Growing and Landscaping

Olive production in the United States is a multimillion dollar business and has been located primarily on the West coast. However, olive orchards are now being planted throughout the south, where hot dry conditions prevail, and where temperatures do not drop below 10*F during the winter.

Ty Ty tree nursery is announcing shipments of a variety of Olive trees for immediate delivery and planting this fall season.

The Ty Ty tree nursery now grows cold blight resistant hardy Olive Trees at our Georgia tree and plant nursery.

Unique Characteristics of the Olive Tree:

  • Olive trees are desirable ornamental trees and are useful for landscaping.
  • Olive trees are tropical and beautiful when planted near pools.
  • The Olive tree is used for many food products including olive oil, olive vinegar, martini olives, stuffed olives, olive bread and fresh olives for salads, pizza, Hors d’ouevers, deserts and other foods.

Olive Tree Growing Tips:

  • Olive Trees should be planted in full sun, and they can adapt to most soils, even alkaline or mild saline and thrive near the coast, where they show impressive salt water tolerance.
  • Olive trees show substantial drought resistance characteristics and only need watering monthly in the case of severe and prolonged droughts.
  • Olive trees are great to grow as a courtyard plant in the Northern States and then in winter the potted tree can be moved inside.
  • Most olive trees are self-pollinating, but botanists suggest that two separate cultivars should be planted to improve fruit set that is caused by wind pollination.
  • Olive tree flowers are wind pollinated and fruit yields can be improved by planting two varieties close in proximity to each other.
  • If olives are thinned-out in the tree, the remaining fruit will be larger and more marketable.
  • Young olive trees must be grafted and staked.

Olive Tree Pricing:
Olive trees are sold and shipped in containers by size. Examples of typical pricing for olive trees is:

  • 2-3 feet tall- Sold Out  $29.80
  • 2-3 Year (3-4 feet tall)  $49.95
  • 5-6 Year (5-6 feet tall)  $189.95
  • 7 Year (6-7 feet tall–tree form)  $299.95
  • 7 Year (6-7 feet tall–multi-trunk)  $379.95
  • 10 Year (10-12 feet tall–tree form)  $895.95
  • 10 Year (10-12 feet tall–multi-trunk)  $995.95


2 Responses to “TyTy Tree Nursery Now Shipping Olive Trees for Growing and Landscaping”

  1. Toufic CHAHINE Says:

    Dear Madam / Sir,

    My family owns a land in Lebanon planted with around 2,500 olive trees, averaging between 50 and 100 years old.
    The trees are healthy and fully bearing.

    Currently, we are considering selling the trees, while keeping the land.

    Should you have an interest in buying the trees wholesale, please let me know.

    Best regards.

  2. Abu Hassan Says:

    Please provide me a tel # to contact You. I am interested in olive trees and Olive branches and

    Thank You

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