07 Nov

California, Tehama County olive crop falls short

By Geoff Johmson,

The local olive oil industry is expected to boom over the coming years, but California has seen better olive harvests than 2008.

As the state’s olive crop comes in, it appears an April frost and a May heat wave have knocked California’s olive crop to less than half of that of 2007.

As late as August, the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service estimated the 2008 crop would be 65,000 tons – 51,000 of the Manzanillo variety and 7,000 of the Sevillano variety.

Estimates by Bell Carter Northern Field Manager Cody McCoy put that number even lower.

“The quality came in good this year, and no real big surprises, but it will be a little shorter than projected,” McCoy said.

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