02 Mar

South Australian olive growers to pay new levy

A new levy paid by South Australian olive growers will help promote and further develop the industry.

From this harvest, growers will pay a $4 levy on each tonne of fruit they produce.

logo-olives-south-australia1 Olives South Australia president Lisa Rowntree says it will increase by a dollar a year for the next three years to eventually reach $6 a tonne.

“It was done like this to soften the blow of introducing something like this to try and make it a little easier for growers to deal with,” she said.

“We’re hoping that with the $4 a tonne we’re not entirely sure exactly how much money, we’ve got estimates of how much money that will raise for the industry, we hope that with that money that’s raised, we can start to demonstrate value for it.”

Money raised by the levy will be used for marketing and promotion, branding and bio-security activities.

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