03 Jun

Spanish & Italian Olive Oil fraud’s adulteration

By Andrew Weil,

Q: I understand that a magazine reported that a lot of the olive oil from Italy is adulterated with lesser oils and described ongoing fraud in the olive oil business. Do you have any information about this?

A: I have read the article you mention, it reports that fraud remains a major problem in the international olive oil business and that adulteration with inferior oils (hazelnut and seed oils) is especially common in Italy, the world’s leading importer, consumer and exporter of olive oil. The article notes that for the past 10 years, Spain has actually produced more olive oil than Italy, but much of the Spanish oil is shipped to Italy and then bottled and sold, legally, as Italian olive oil.

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  1. Nova Says:

    The arguement for shipping olives from spain to italy to be exported is that the italians always cold-press their olive oil creating a better quality olive oil essentially a premium extra-virgin olive oil. It could be argued that italian olives are imported just as belgian chocolate ingredients come from the Ivory Coast.

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