02 Oct

All about olives at Silverdale farm


Ambrosia Olive Farm owners Dawn and Steve Skarmoutsos brought their passion for olive growing from Greece.
What does Ambrosia Olive Farm produce?
The organic farm is family-run by my husband Steve and I, and we produce table olives, preserved and marinated olives, olive oil and olive-based skincare products named Eleon Cosmetics that include creams, eye gel and serum. But we are not restricted to just olives. We also have a vineyard where we grow grapes to make shiraz and chardonnay and we have pickles and a number of fruits trees such as figs, lemons, mandarins and a vegetable patch.
Why an olive farm?
We started it in 1997 because my husband’s family had an olive farm in Greece so when we came here we started growing them here too.
What is the best method for growing quality olives?
You have to look after the trees and prune them each year and make sure they’re watered when needed. Our olives are hand-picked from the trees so there is no machinery used as they tend to bruise the olive, which can spoil the fruit and character. Olives are then pressed within hours of picking while they are still fresh.
What do you like most about running an olive farm?
We’re out in the fresh air, we grow our own vegetables. We live here too so we have lots of space, it’s freedom and living the country life.
How can someone buy your products?
We are at Warwick Produce Market every Saturday, at Picton Produce Market on the first Sunday of each month. Otherwise, people can come to the farm at 100 Eltons Rd, Silverdale, or buy online at ambrosiaolivefarm.com.au. Details: Steve 0408 250 560.
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