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05 Oct

Californian Olive growers decry foreign subsidies

Life as a California olive farmer isn’t exactly easy these days, farmers say U.S. government is hurting, not helping. The number of olives harvested across the state this season is expected to shrivel by about 86 percent from last year. The price schedule for growers is the same as last season despite the dried-up supply. Some […]

15 Feb

Tunisia: Olive Oil Yields Patents for Local Biochemistry Researcher

A Tunisian biochemistry researcher whose laboratory specializes in the characteristics of different varieties of Tunisian olive oil, has managed to register two patents respectively on the anti-oxidant qualities of one variety of olive oil that grows in the country’s north western regions and on sterility therapy in certain animal species. Dr Mokhtar Zarrouk who heads […]

16 Dec

Italian and Tunisian researchers relate olive oil quality with fruit ripening

The study tested the ideal ripening stage to extract an olive oil with proper chemical profiles and the best oxidation levels. The chemical composition and quality of virgin olive oil may be influenced by genotype and different agronomic and technological factors. Extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the best olive oil for its […]

15 Dec

Tunisia is the world’s second largest olive oil producer after the EU

More than a mere agricultural produce, the olive tree and the oil it produces, are deeply entrenched in Tunisia’s Mediterranean culture. With a production estimated this year at 165,000 tons, Tunisia is the world’s second largest olive oil producer after the European Union. In spite of the fact that this year’s yield is inferior to […]

23 Nov

Olive Oil – the Golden Harvest

By Zainab Al-Arabi, While the seasonal olive tree harvesting isn’t over yet in the Gebel region, (depending on the gatherers timetable), the rush for olive oil this year is incredible. Everybody wants it. Even those who don’t like the taste of olive oil in cooking are ready to accept it this year. With the price […]