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28 May

(South Africa) Namibia: Local Olive Industry Shows Huge Promise

Wezi Tjaronda Windhoek Olive farming has great potential to become one of Namibia’s most important commercial crops. When all the olive trees growing in the areas of Swakopmund, Hochfeld, Kalahari, Omaruru, Otavi, Orange and Namibia central have reached full production, the country will produce around 74 400 litres of oil but there will still be […]

10 May

Botswana: Mogae starts olive project

GABORONE – The first commercial olive tree project in the country is in operation at the Glen Valley Production and Training Farm (PTF). President Festus Mogae launched the operation by planting one of the envisaged 2 500 commercial olive trees. The occassion coincided with the start of the National Master Plan for Arable Agriculture and […]

08 May

What is a Mediterranean diet

Lately there is a lot of talk about the benefits of the Mediterranean diet. But what exactly is that? Epidemiologic studies have shown that many people from Mediterranean countries can eat fatty diets and yet not have a high risk of heart disease. Spaniards José Mataix of the University of Granada and Francisco Javier Barbancho […]

26 Apr

Organic Agriculture in Tunisia is growing with olive trees

In order to develope organic agriculture in Tunisia and raise more awareness in the farmers of this very promising market in the future says, journalist Ridha Bahlous in Allafrica, a colloquium has been organized recently, which was chosen to promote this form of agriculture. The Nefza region places natural potentials such as wide spread forests, […]

24 Mar

Tunisia January olive oil sales rise 65 pct

Tunisia’s olive oil exports grew 65 percent in January from a year earlier as it boosted output to meet rising world demand, official data showed on Friday. Tunisia is North Africa’s top exporter of olive oil, which accounts for half of its farm exports. Those in turn represent more than 10 percent of the country’s […]