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08 Nov

Caltech presses on with annual olive harvest

Article by Janette Williams, Photo by Walt Mancini, There were many people volunteering to pick olives at Caltech’s second Olive Festival Friday, November 7, 2008. Harvesters will transfer the olives to crates for commerial processing. For the second year, Caltech turned what was a major annoyance on campus – olives underfoot from the 130 trees […]

07 Nov

California, Tehama County olive crop falls short

By Geoff Johmson, The local olive oil industry is expected to boom over the coming years, but California has seen better olive harvests than 2008. As the state’s olive crop comes in, it appears an April frost and a May heat wave have knocked California’s olive crop to less than half of that of 2007. […]

06 Nov

Olive harvest underway for artisan growers in California

28 Oct

TyTy Tree Nursery Now Shipping Olive Trees for Growing and Landscaping

Olive production in the United States is a multimillion dollar business and has been located primarily on the West coast. However, olive orchards are now being planted throughout the south, where hot dry conditions prevail, and where temperatures do not drop below 10*F during the winter. Ty Ty tree nursery is announcing shipments of a […]

28 Oct

Sarah Palin and the olive fruit fly research

last week, Sarah Palin gave her first policy speech, urging the federal government to fully fund the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act. Along the way, she too attacked science earmarks by claiming that the shortfall needed to fully fund the act was less money than was allocated to projects that have “little or nothing to […]