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25 May

For the love of olives in Texas

By Beverly Burmeier, Poor soil, high temperatures, and low water levels are all plentiful in central Texas. Not the usual growing conditions for a food crop, this combination just happens to be perfect for olive trees. So Jack Dougherty, former president of a computer company, bought a ranch near Wimberley and became the first person […]

18 Mar

Farmers strike Olive oil in Texas

By John Griffin, Farming was always something that interested Jim Henry, when he was younger, he thought Texas would be the perfect place to grow grapes, but the experts told him it was impossible, given the terrain. More recently, he decided the Lone Star State would be perfect for olives. Again, people called it folly. […]

30 Apr

Texas Olive Ranch’s Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil

By Karen Haram, Extra-virgin olive oil from Carrizo Springs? You’d better believe it. Texas Olive Ranch’s Texas Extra Virgin Olive Oil is now being carried at Central Market. The golden-hued oil is made by cold-pressing the Arbequina olives from Carrizo Springs, producing a buttery rich oil with a strong peppery finish. The bottle’s label describes […]

27 Mar

Wimberley home to Texas’ first olive trees

The village of Wimberley is set in one of the prettiest parts of Texas and the soil here is great for growing flowers, fruits and vegetables. One local farmer is getting some historical results; Bella Vista Ranch owner Jack Dougherty is getting the Texas soil to produce something rare in this part of the world: […]

12 Mar

Texas olive industry branches out to meet growing demand

The Texas Department of Agriculture reports the Lone Star State’s olive industry is poised for unprecedented growth in 2008, thanks to advances in olive tree production and an increased demand for olive oil. The industry was first established in 1994 with roughly 20,000 trees on four orchards. Today, the number of olive trees has grown […]