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14 May

Australia’s largest olive oil company is expanding into Argentina.

Boundary Bend Limited, based in north-western Victoria, says it doesn’t make financial sense to put new plantings in Australia, while water prices are high and reliability of water is low. Rob McGavin from Boundary Bend says there are some advantages to farming overseas. “The land and water package in Argentina is less than ten per […]

14 May

The good oil on a top Australian’s crop

By Michelle Fenech, It’s harvest season for olive growers in Wollondilly with Danny and Aydin Fahri having more than 20 tonnes to crop. Mr Fahri said he was getting good quality olives this year after recent rainfall in the shire. “Usually my trees don’t look so healthy,” he said. “And I’ve never had a full […]

01 May

Olive oil output falls for first time in West Australia

By Suellen Jerrard, Olive oil production in West Australia is expected to slow this year for the first time since the fledgling industry got off the ground about a decade ago. Falls in production around the State are being attributed to the tendency for olive trees to fruit to their full potential only every second […]

10 Apr

Port Lincoln, South Australia: Record olive harvest expected

The region’s olive trees are bursting with fruit this year, after a low yield in 2007 due to drought. The olive industry is looking up for Eyre Peninsula, with a record amount of olives, according to olive press operator and olive grower Peter Green. Mr Green started harvesting his olives with the mechanical harvester he […]

16 Mar

Australia’s Heatwave shrivels olive crop

As South Australia endures the 15th day of its heatwave, Eyre Peninsula olive growers are battling in the lead up to next month’s harvest. At Lincoln Olive View Estate, production is expected to drop by as much as 10,000 tonnes, with some trees bearing just a few kilos of olives. Grower Kevin Burner says he […]