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09 Apr

Greece, Olive Museum in Kavala

An old oil mill abandoned since 1970 in Eleochori, near Kavala in northeastern Greece, has been restored to house the area’s Olive Museum, where visitors can learn about Greek history and folklore down through the centuries through olive products. The oil mill, built in 1950, had a direct impact on the region, signaling an era […]

05 Dec

the olive oil lamp by O & Co

The perfect gift! A unique and beautiful glass olive oil lamp that diffuses a gentle and relaxing light. The lamp comes in a signature O&CO. gift box with 5 wicks. The olive oil and replacement wicks are sold separately. Available at O&Co and online for $24.50

04 Aug

The most beautiful pictures of Olive Tree

  And so much more to discover on this blog

30 May

Jar of Olives by DELILAh

About This Painting: Jar of olives with a few on the side. This is a fun little painting. Oil on stretched canvas ready to frame. Media: oil on canvas Size: 5 in X 7 in (12.7 cm X 17.8 cm) Price: $100 USD Click here for more infos

27 Feb

Art: Three Olives

The Martini is a cocktail traditionally made with gin and dry white vermouth, though in recent years substituting vodka for gin has become more popular than the original recipe. It is often described as being “crisp” or “astringent”.