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01 Aug

Joke of the day…!

“May olives be eaten with the fingers? No. Fingers should be eaten separately.” (anon) source

21 Jul

Food detective: Olives

By Sheila Keating, A firm, fruity olive is a beautiful thing, so why is it so hard to find? Purity of flavour is what olive-lovers crave, but frequently what is on offer is a plethora of antiseptic-tasting, flabby specimens, stuffed with synthetic pastes, or drenched with incongruous marinades. How do green and black olives differ? […]

25 Jun


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19 Jun

All about olives

By FÜSUN ATALAY, More than just a cocktail garnish, these tangy, meaty little fruit are good and good for you. Many people see olives and think martinis, but olives are used as ingredients for many different culinary creations, including tapenades, sausages and breads. More adventurous types might enjoy chocolate and ice cream made with olive […]

15 May

E-growing – a revolutionary new project

This e-growing system is an innovating tool created by Adozioni Bioalimentari Italy to include the plant kingdom into a distance adoption method. A plant can be followed through its entire process of growth via internet. The project aims at consumers and professionals of the food business interested in the high quality of organic products. By […]