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06 Jan

5% discount on your Olives, Olive oil and gourmet Tapenade delight

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28 Dec

Want to know the difference between green and black olives?

Aside from taste and color, they are from the same tree. The only difference is the ripeness — green are picked when they are immature, and black olives stay on longer. Unopened cans of olives have a shelf life of three to four years if stored on your pantry shelf. Once a can has been […]

13 Nov

Fun Facts about Olives

Olives appear in one of the earliest cookbooks ever discovered, a 2000-year-old text by a Roman named Apicius. Olives were so revered in Biblical times that it is said that Moses granted olive growers an exemption from military service. Traditionally, olive oil was the oil burned in Hanukkah lamps. The earliest Olympic flame was a […]

14 Oct

Pitted Olives

When a recipe calls for pitted olives, pit them yourself for more intense olive flavor. Brine enters the cavity of pre-pitted olives, detracting from the essential flavor. To pit, smash the olive with the side of a chef knife. The pit is then easily removed. [Source]

20 Sep

The Solitaire Olive Bowl

First one to arrive at a party? How about a game of solitaire until the other guests arrive. Designed by Barnaby Barford and Andre Klauser. More info & Price