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28 Aug

Olive leaf extract helps tackle blood pressure and cholesterol

Taking olive leaf extract can help tackle high blood pressure and cholesterol, a new report has found. The study published in Phytotherapy Research today, outlines the results of tests conducted on 20 identical twins, all of whom had increased blood pressure. Researchers used identical twins as a way of eliminating uncertainties caused by genetic variations […]

01 Aug

An olive a day…

Do you like olives? Either the black or green variety? Then eating seven a day could help to keep the doctor away, say health experts. They say it does not matter how the olive is prepared or whether it is green or black, it contains essential amino acids, minerals and vitamins, fundamental to the Mediterranean […]

31 Jul

SuperFoods – Extra Virgin Olive Oil

28 Jul

Healthy Olives Can Now Be Grown In Salty Water

Varieties of olive trees recently tested by researchers could be cultivated with moderate saline water irrigation. The olive’s reputation as a health food is being borne out by modern science, as studies of olive-consuming Mediterranean peoples have shown. To keep the world’s olive lovers satisfied, an intensive wave of olive planting has occurred in the […]

20 Jul

Olive Oil-Derived Squalane Offers Eco-Friendly Relief For Sensitive Skin

Mediomega Nutrition, the North American leader in promoting the health benefits of the Mediterranean diet, announced a breakthrough in skin rejuvenation with the release of its olive oil-derived squalane (pronounced skwal-on) formula — Mediomega(TM) Squalane. Squalane is a lipid component of the skin that declines with age and exposure to the sun and extreme weather. […]