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28 Feb

Women who consume olive oil preserve their bone mass better

by Joyce Schneider, A study from the Harokopio University of Athens, Greece, has determined that a diet high in olive oil and low in red meat has a significant impact on women’s bone density. Results of this study suggest that this eating pattern could have bone-preserving properties throughout adult life. Diet is one of the […]

18 Feb

Olives May Be Rescued By Helpful Wasp

By Marcia Wood, Olives basking in sunny California groves might find that their new best friend is a small brown wasp. Known to scientists as Psyttalia cf. concolor, the little wasp can help foil the olive fruit fly, a powerful natural enemy of olives. Agricultural Research Service (ARS) entomologist Victoria Y. Yokoyama and colleagues have […]

15 Feb

Tunisia: Olive Oil Yields Patents for Local Biochemistry Researcher

A Tunisian biochemistry researcher whose laboratory specializes in the characteristics of different varieties of Tunisian olive oil, has managed to register two patents respectively on the anti-oxidant qualities of one variety of olive oil that grows in the country’s north western regions and on sterility therapy in certain animal species. Dr Mokhtar Zarrouk who heads […]

23 Dec

Feeding ruminants with olive by-products enhances animal performance and product quality

By Antonio Marín Ruiz, A study from the CSIC, Spain and the University of Wales, U.K determines that consuming products rich in oil increase the content of mono-unsaturated fatty acids and lower the content of saturated fatty acid in milk and meat of goats and sheep. Olive leaves provide half of the energy and amino […]

22 Dec

Spain: Adulterated olive oil warning in La Roija

The Guardia Civil in La Rioja has warned about the possible sale of adulterated olive oil in the area. 550 litres of oil has been found in large container labelled ‘Astispumante 1510’ and it comes after the theft of 1,750 litres of oil was reported in the area on December 18. The oil was found […]