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02 Aug

Olive Oil, Liquid Gold

LIQUID GOLD COURTESY PHOTOS/NORTH AMERICAN OLIVE OIL ASSOCIATION Orzo cucumber salad Olive oil : healthful, tasty and versatile By AMY MATTHEW THE PUEBLO CHIEFTAIN In ancient times, it was considered a gift from the gods, and many modern-day food lovers would readily agree. Olive oil has been a staple of Mediterranean diets for thousands of […]

02 Aug

Olive oil is olive oil is olive oil, right?

Not quite. There are essentially three types of oil. While there aren’t dramatic differences among them, each is suited for specific cooking needs, according to the North American Olive Oil Association: – Extra-virgin olive oil has the most full-bodied taste and aroma of all olive oils. It is often used in salads and on vegetables, […]

14 Jul

Olive leaves show cancer-killing potential

Laboratory tests of an extract from olive leaves have shown it can kill prostate and breast cancer cells. Southern Cross University researchers on the north coast of New South Wales completed the work for a manufacturer of the extract. The university’s Dr Lesley Stevensen says the results sound remarkable, but need to be considered in […]

12 Jul

Product of Olive Oil Could Help Deliver Drugs

By Sara Goudarzi, Sugar and olive oil may not mix well in a jar. But in the lab, scientists have used them to create a very tiny capsule that can be loaded with medicine or food. The new “organogel” was made by adding a simple enzyme to activate a sugar, which changed olive oil and […]