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04 Oct

Make sure you pick the right olive oil

By Chef Nino, There is probably nothing more breathtaking than seeing and participating in olive oil production from the tree to the bottle. Miles of terraced hillsides are meticulously cultivated with the finest olive trees in the world. Olive trees can reach heights of 50 feet and often live for 500-600 years. The oldest living […]

02 Oct

Olive oil the elixir of anti-aging?

By Liz Campbell & Sue Wakefield, Jeanne Calment, a French woman, holds the record for the longest confirmed lifespan. She reportedly attributed her over 122 years and remarkably youthful appearance to olive oil, which she poured on her food and rubbed into her skin. This could turn the anti-aging cosmetic industry upside down. In fact, […]

30 Sep

Olive Oil: A Weight-Loss Blessing

By Dr. Connie Peraglie Guttersen, R.D., Ph.D. In Sonoma County each year, there’s a special festival called the Blessing of the Olives. That’s how central olive trees and the foods they yield are to the economy and the eating habits of the region. And olive oil is the most treasured gift of these blessed trees. […]

29 Sep

Choosing the healthiest, tastiest Olive Oil

There are lots of good reasons to stock your pantry with olive oil. Long the most commonly used oil in the Mediterranean (as much as 25 to 40 percent of calories consumed in this region come from olive oil), extra-virgin olive oil’s healthful properties come from rich levels of monounsaturated fat, which promote “good” cholesterol, […]

29 Sep

Added olive oil is no heart panacea

If you’ve looked closely at the bottle of olive oil in your pantry, you might have noticed a health claim touting the heart health benefits of using olive oil. Under what is termed a “qualified health claim,” the Food and Drug Administration allows bottles of olive oil to display the following statement: “Limited and not […]