19 Oct

Californian vs European Olive Oils Challenge

American food lovers have long taken for granted that only olive oils from the Mediterranean are worth buying preferably with an olive tree, an Italian flag and some words like “authentic cold pressed” on the bottle.


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17 Oct

Turkey’s olive oil exports expected to reach $5 bln by 2023

Turkish Exporters Assembly (TİM) President Mehmet Büyükekşi said he expects olive and olive oil exports this year to reach $300 million, increase almost by 100 percent next year and total up to $5 billion by 2023, while speaking at the Third Akhisar Harvest Festival on Sunday.

Büyükekşi also said any sector that helps reduce the county's current account deficit is very important and hopes the increase in exports will help to end the deficit. He said olive and olive oil products are very important in the region, which is trying to create its own regional trademark as well as increase the country's exports.

Incentives provided by the Ministry of Agriculture helped increase olive and olive oil production in Turkey, which is number five in olive oil production and number four in the number of olive trees in the world. Newly planted olive tree will be available for harvest in three years, at which time production will increase three-and-a-half fold.

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15 Oct

Black Olive toasts

Cooking Time: 10 minutes

11 Oct

Remove Heat Stains from Wood Tables with an Iron and Olive Oil

If your friends or family just can't get it through their heads to use coasters when putting hot cups of coffee or containers of food on your wooden coffee table, grab a towel, some olive oil, and a standard clothes iron to get rid of those ugly white heat stains.
According to TipNut, all you have to do is lay a towel over the heat stains, turn on your iron, set it to steam, and press it over the stain for a minute or so. As long as the iron is set to steam, it should make quick work of the heat stain. After you pull the iron and the towel up, the stains should be gone, and you can apply a little olive oil or mineral oil to the wood to finish it off after the stains are gone.
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10 Oct

What about an Olive Tree Bonsai on your Patio?

Few broadleaf trees can equal the Olive as material for bonsai. The small leaves and massive deadwood trunks of the Mediterranean Olive (Olea Europa) make it a natural for bonsai – yet the Olive is one tree that was never used for bonsai by the Japanese or the Chinese.