05 Apr

olive oil: no longer confined to the kitchen

By Elyse Weidner, One product that can soften your cuticles, condition your hair, moisturize your body, diminish sun damage to your skin and serve as a shaving product is sitting in your kitchen. Extra virgin olive oil, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, helps soften skin without leaving behind clogged pores, extra grease or an overwhelming […]

05 Apr

Use olive oil grades as flavorful guides

By Gholam Rahman, Question: What’s the difference between regular and extra-virgin olive oil? If you’re not a gourmet cook, do you really need the extra-virgin kind? Answer: Extra-virgin olive oil is unique among oils in that it comes directly from ripe fruits of the olive tree. The fruits are milled and pressed by modern hydraulic […]

05 Apr

Introduce yourself to a nearby olive bar

By Karen Fernau, Olives are so much more than a martini garnish. They add easy, intense flavor to pasta dishes, baked bread, as toppings for seafood and in salads. Which olives taste best is personal. Flavors range from tangy, winey and fruity to spicy and tart. Olives come packed with fat, but the “good” monounsaturated […]

15 Mar

Olives as big as an egg will transform canapés

There have been black tomatoes, square melons and elephant garlic. Now shoppers will be able to pick up olives the size of hen’s eggs. The giant Bella di Cerignola, weighing up to three times a standard olive but with stones that are disproportionately small, will need something larger than a cocktail stick to spear and […]

12 Mar

Turkey: Olive oil factory becomes museum

An initiative has been started by the Kuşadası Association of Tourist Guides (KURED), with the support of the Turkish Tourist Guides Federation (TUREF), to make an old olive oil factory located in the Ortaklar neighborhood of Aydın’s Germencik province into a museum. The museum will be the second one in its field in Turkey after […]