28 Feb

Olive oil good substitute for other fats

If you want to know:Is olive oil a good choice when selecting cooking oils? How can I substitute oil in a recipe that calls for butter or margarine? What is the best way to store olive oil? How much total fat is recommended per day? Here are the answers from Susan Krumm,

26 Feb

Croatia: Nadin Olive Oil Champion Of “Olive 2007”

Champion title of the third international olive cultivators` competition “Olive 2007” went to Mile Vrsajko of Nadin. The champion was chosen in a competition from 1,012 samples of olive oil from Croatia and 10 countries of the word. Five olive cultivators, Emanuel Grubic of Bala, Andrijana Rubin of Jelsa, Vanja Dujc of the Slovenian Kopar, […]

23 Feb

The extra virgin diaries

By Clarissa Hyman, The hills or, rather, the imposing mountains of the Spanish Pyrenees, were alive with the sound of sniffing and slurping. About 150 noisy olive oil producers were packed into the small meeting hall in the tiny Catalan village of Erill la Vall, dominated by the slender, six-tiered bell tower of its 11th- […]

23 Feb

Olive leaf juice could be edible oil antioxidant

By Stephen Daniells, Olive juice, obtained by pressing olive leaves, may act as an antioxidant to prolong the frying life of frying oils, suggests a study using sunflower oil. “The outcome of the present study suggests that crude olive juice can be used in practical operation to extend the frying life of frying oils,” wrote […]

19 Feb

Discover Dining Delights with Olive Oil from Spain

Deliver big flavors from your kitchen by using a leading chef’s secret: “Elevate the flavors of any meal by using olive oil from Spain in recipes that call simply for oil,” according to award-winning culinary innovator José Andrés. “The unique flavor and smooth, vibrant taste of olive oil from Spain adds depth of flavor to […]