25 Jan

Sampling ‘liquid gold’

By Teddye Snell, Thomas Jefferson called the olive tree “the richest gift of heaven.” The man was a visionary – even when it came to choosing his favorite foods. Mediterraneans have known for centuries the virtues of using olives and olive oil, but despite Jefferson’s attempts to introduce the fruit in his day, Americans have […]

24 Jan

An offering of olives

By Abigail Leichman, Pic Peter Monses, Fruit of distinction: Olives come from six continents, and their preparation and flavors are a reflection of that diversity. The gleaming white bowl filled with five varieties of olives is a still life in greens, reds and purples. There is a scattering of acidic pepperoncini and chili peppers to […]

23 Jan

Olive oil and honey ice cream

By Doram Gaunt, The surprising and delightful addition of olive oil to sweet dishes is a modern trend that is gaining momentum among leading restaurants abroad. Making this combination work requires delicately flavored oil of the finest quality. For ice cream with a soft, smooth airy texture, it is best to use an ice cream […]

22 Jan

DOP Olive Oils, Academia Barilla Style

by academia barilla chef, I think that Leigh has done a good enough job discussing the details of Olive Oil and its production. Now I’d like to talk about how to use DOP Extra Virgin Olive Oils in a culinary setting. There are two major distinctions I draw when using DOP Olive Oils in the […]

22 Jan

Lessons from the Tuscan Olive Harvest

By John Becker ’02 “Anche le olive verde?” I ask, the words awkward in my American mouth. The answer comes in the easy cadence of Tuscan Italian: yes, we also pick the green olives. This much I understand, the rest I need to look up later. But for now I turn my attention back to […]