22 Aug

California Table olive growers to receive higher prices

California table olive growers will receive prices for their 2008 crop that are 5% to 10% higher than last year’s crop, but the crop is off by nearly half. The Olive Growers Council on Thursday announced agreement with the Bell Carter Olive Co. in Corning and Musco Family Olive Co. in Tracy for table olive […]

19 Aug

Australian Olive growers suffer bug setback

Olive growers say crop losses from an infestation of olive lace bugs and fungal disease are worse than first thought, with yields down by about 50 per cent. The Hunter Olive Association‘s vice-president, Mike Wilson, says about 450 tonnes of olives were processed for oil this year, down from 880 tonnes in 2007. There was […]

01 Aug

Californian Olive crop numbers droop

By Cecilia Parsons, This year’s “off year” table olive crop looks to be thin and scattered statewide. Olive growers and processors met in July to estimate the size of the 2008 California table olive crop. Members of the California Olive Committee concluded that processors could expect 65,000 tons this season. Adin Hester, president of the […]

10 Jul

California crop estimate at just 65,000 tons

By Julie R. Johnson, The Sevillano olive crop in California is doing poorly this year with little fruit on the tree, As olive growers in the state continue to struggle in an industry fraught with problems such as the olive fruit fly, foreign imports, and labor issues, it was unwelcome news to learn this year’s […]

19 Jun

NZ: Mukilteo couple’s olive oil is a Northwest rarity

By Debra Smith, Charles and Gayle Pancerzewski didn’t know much about olive oil when they bought a 25-acre olive grove in New Zealand. They learned fast, after the man tending their land went bankrupt and they discovered he had planted a variety of olives that won’t produce at their balmy northern New Zealand grove. That’s […]