14 Aug

Californian table olive growers get record prices as acreage shrinks

By Ching Lee, California olive growers are expecting excellent prices for this year’s crop, which is projected to be 112,000 tons, up considerably from last year’s 16,800 tons. After a disastrous crop in 2006, California table olive growers are poised to receive some of the highest prices ever for their fruit this year, but many […]

14 Aug

Lack of Workers Poses Threat to Olive Harvest

This year’s olive supply is definitely causing a demand for laborers to harvest the crop. Local growers say they cannot find enough people to help with the harvest. They say there are many reasons the labor force is lower this year, but the main problem is the huge loss of migrant workers. In past years, […]

08 Aug

Aegean olive oil exports fall 32 pct

Exports from the Aegean region dropped 32 percent compared to the previous 12-month period, falling to $201 million this year. Aegean olive producers, who experienced record exports between 2005 and 2006 although it was a cyclically low production year, preferred to keep their products home during the 2006-2007 marketing year, a cyclically high production year, […]

01 Aug

Californian Olive farmers to earn record prices

After a small harvest last year, demand for California-grown olives has risen, and farmers will earn a record price for their crops this year. The Olive Growers Council and olive canners have agreed on prices that will earn farmers an average of $1,000 a ton. Because of last year’s small crop, stocks of canned olives […]

30 Jul

Californian Olive crop may be six times larger than last year

If good growing weather continues and there’s enough irrigation water, the Central Valley olive crop could be more than six times larger than last year’s. California’s olive crop this year will produce about 112,000 tons, growers estimate. Last year the trees yielded a meager 16,800 tons. However, water is becoming an issue in olive groves […]