22 Jul

All you wanted to know about Olives and Olive Oil

Here is a very complete article by Peggy Trowbridge Filippone, on Olives and Olive Oil which includes history, information on olive varieties, and usage tips. Part 1: The only difference between green olives and black olives is ripeness Long a symbol of peace, the olive branch brings us a marvelous, healthy fruit. Get up to […]

19 Jul

Olive oil output up

World olive oil production is likely to grow at least 10 per cent in the coming crop year, after an already strong year in 2006/07, the International Olive Council (IOC) said. In the current crop year, which ends on Sept 30, output could reach 3.0 million tonnes, up from 2.6 million tonnes the year before. […]

05 Jul

Mission Santa Inès is branching out

By Glenn Wallace, Father Michael Mahoney, pastor of Mission Santa Inès, speaks at a Wednesday morning press conference. “Where I stand is what I think is the most hallowed view in this valley,” he said in discussing the mission’s plans to plant a grove of olive trees in the lower field behind him. The new […]

05 Jul

Turkey: Olive suffers from changing climate

Following this article By Gözde Aslantaþ, Dramatic fall in this year’s olive oil production raises anxiety with producers, while the National Olive and Olive Oil Committee (UZZK) tries to define Turkey’s goal and place among the world’s top three olive oil producers. Opposing UZZK’s goals is the loss in olive orchards that is growing every […]

25 May

Frost damage evident in NorCal olives

By Bill Krueger, There appears to be a geographical gradient from north to south with the problem being more severe in the north and getting somewhat less toward the south. Generally speaking, olive yields in the Sacramento Valley were lighter last year than the year before. This is in contrast to the San Joaquin Valley, […]