05 Jan

Sos Cuetara declines comment on reported interest in Italian olive oil buy

The Negocio newspaper reported that management is in negotiations with Unilever PLC over a possible acquisition. The report gave Bertolli and Dante as possible targets for a bid from SOS Cuetara, which last month bought Friol Italia, an Italian unit of Unilever, for 33.25 mln eur. [Source] Click here

28 Dec

Küçükbay group will grow with olive oil

Küçükbay Yağ ve Deterjan Sanayi A.Ş., accounting for 15 percent of the olive oil market and recording a turnover of $140 million at the end of 2006, intends to expand by 25 percent in 2007 and introduce itself to rest of the world with its own brand of olive oil. Küçükbay Chairman Ahmet Küçükbay said […]

27 Dec

Spain: New study says olive stones can be used to treat industrial waste

By M.P. A scientist at Granada University has discovered that the stones of the olive could be used to decontaminate industrial waste. Professor Germán Tenorio, who carried out the investigation, says the stones can remove heavy metal ions from contaminated waste water by a process of bio absorption, due to their ability to attract and […]

23 Dec

Olive oil – Enemy of cancer, heart decease, old age and cholesterol?

Sounds so much like the modern equivalent of the old quest for the elixir of life. Is it true, or is it a beautiful jest? Let’s look at the report below: Why is olive oil so popular? WHO, WHAT, WHY? The Magazine answers… Sales of olive oil have gone up 39% in the last five […]

21 Dec

Spain:the Internacional Fair of Olive Oil and Allied Industries

the XIIIth edition of Expoliva, the Internacional Fair of Olive Oil and Allied Industries, that it will be held from the 16th to the 19th May 2007 in Jaén, Andalusia, with the certainty that it will show again the strength of the olive oil sector and the olive grove that produces it. Ferias Jaén has […]