17 Mar

An English olive…. but don’t mix the Martinis just yet

Soaring spring temperatures have created a boom in sales of olive trees in Britain. With parts of the country enjoying highs of up to 16C (61F), there is a growing demand from gardeners for Mediterranean plants usually found in warmer climates. But don’t start mixing the Martinis in celebration quite yet – the great British […]

17 Mar

Italy: discovering olive harvesting and olive pressing

By di-ve.com, Every Sunday at 1pm on One TV & di-ve.com, Avventura fil-Kampanja will be continuing discovering olive harvesting and olive pressing for the production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil in Tuscany. We will be seeing harvest with the use of modern machinery meaning that just one olive tree is harvested in 5 minutes. However, […]

17 Mar

Akhisar becomes Turkey’s biggest olive production center

By Ali Riza Karasu, Ramazan Sari Akhisar, The Akhisar district of Manisa has surpassed Gemlik, a district in the province of Bursa, as Turkey’s biggest table olive producer. Formerly known for tobacco production, Akhisar has become the country’s olive production center. Tobacco fields have been replaced by olive groves. Some 5 million olive trees planted […]

12 Mar

Turkey: Olive oil factory becomes museum

An initiative has been started by the Kuşadası Association of Tourist Guides (KURED), with the support of the Turkish Tourist Guides Federation (TUREF), to make an old olive oil factory located in the Ortaklar neighborhood of Aydın’s Germencik province into a museum. The museum will be the second one in its field in Turkey after […]

06 Mar

one of Britain’s first olive groves

Vineyard to produce own olive oil Britain’s balmy weather has led a Shropshire vineyard to create one of Britain’s first olive groves – normally found in sweltering Mediterranean climes. Wroxeter Roman Vineyard is making the most of global warming and plans to start planting a commercial olive grove to make Shropshire’s own extra virgin olive […]