19 Feb

Discover Dining Delights with Olive Oil from Spain

Deliver big flavors from your kitchen by using a leading chef’s secret: “Elevate the flavors of any meal by using olive oil from Spain in recipes that call simply for oil,” according to award-winning culinary innovator José Andrés. “The unique flavor and smooth, vibrant taste of olive oil from Spain adds depth of flavor to […]

15 Feb

Triumphant arrival for new Australian Olive Oil

‘ollo’ award-winning Australian extra virgin olive oils arrive on shelves in UK Two new award-winning Australian Extra Virgin Olive Oils, from the family which built one of the Southern Hemisphere’s largest horticultural companies, have arrived at Sainsbury Supermarkets just as they scoop yet another accolade from industry giants. ollo Fresh & Fruity was last week […]

13 Feb

Picking olives in Kandanos, Crete

by Vassilis Gialamaraki, Images by Jonxyz/scullywho/Kjersten Olive trees are an integral part of the Cretan landscape and a source of life and health to Cretans, symbolizing peace and fertility. So, on a sunny Sunday in January we went out to pick olives. My mother, Katharina, had planned this day for a long time. We were […]

10 Feb

Olive Oil has many uses

By Rachel Webb, I hope I ‘m not the only one, but before moving to the main olive growing area of Spain I thought that black olives and green olives were different varieties. But they’re not. My nearest town, Martos, is the olive growing capital of Spain. In the 50 km surrounding Martos they harvest […]

07 Feb

New medical use for olive oil suggested

Spanish medical researchers say they have discovered a new potential benefit of olive oil for people suffering from peptic ulcer disease. The scientists say extra virgin olive oil — already providing an array of health benefits — might help prevent and treat Helicobacter pylori infections, which cause millions of cases of gastritis and peptic ulcer […]