30 Mar

The new way to enjoy ancient olive

By Caroline Bellamy, Olives lower blood cholesterol and are also full of antioxidants which protect the heart, the therapeutic benefits of olives and olive oil have been known for centuries, Mediterraneans have long prized the small fruit of the Olea Europaea for its health-boosting properties. Now, those properties are being harnessed for use in supplements, […]

29 Feb

History affirms benefits of olive oil in diet

By Roy Pirrung, For many years health advocates have touted the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, at the base of that diet is olive oil. Since the Bronze Age, olive oil in the diet has been the cornerstone of health for many reasons. Many people dislike the taste and the thought that it contains saturated […]

17 Jan

Italica PLUS EVOO is the first Spanish EVOO enriched with vitamins.

From spring water to cereal, grocery manufacturers are adding vitamin-enriched items to their product lines. Today, Italica Imports is introducing the country to an extra virgin olive oil from Spain that is enriched with fat-soluble vitamins A, D and E, making it a rich source of antioxidants. Use of Italica PLUS in your favorite recipes […]

11 Dec

Replacing the butter with olive oil when baking

By Julia Cameron, Photo Peter Monsees, This holiday season, your goal to keep a healthful diet and lifestyle might be forgotten easily when the temptation from cookies and cakes wields more power than the call of your treadmill. But you can have your cake and eat it too, said Lisa A. Sheldon, a nutritionist and […]

05 Dec

Olive Oil 101 covers the basics

With its distinct flavor and aroma, olive oil adds a wonderfully exotic taste to foods. As is the case with fine wines, the flavor, color and fragrance of olive oil varies considerably depending on the type of olive grown, the growing region and the crop’s condition. The terminology used to describe olive oil is rather […]