08 Sep

Olive oil had a large number of usages in ancient Greece

The research, conducted by Adelphi Universitys Anagnostis Agelarakis, has outlined the use of olives and olive oil in antiquity, ancient and traditional cultivation methods, and olives and human nutrition and health. Olive oil was not only considered as a health product in ancient Greece, but something that had in essence a divine power embedded in […]

28 Aug

Olive oil: A treasure trove of taste

By David Penner, It’s branches crowned Julius Caesar as he marched into Rome. It seeped into the bones of saints through their sarcophaguses. Ancient Olympians rubbed it into their skin. And today, world-class chefs and weekend kitchen commanders, like myself, use it every day. What is this highly prized treasure of the culinary world? It’s […]

18 Aug

Century-old olive trees saved by young businessman

Sedat Kirt, Shocked by the destruction of a forest of ancient olive trees amid the environmental degradation of a coal mine, a young businessman from Datça has initiated an extraordinary eco-project. Building engineer Timur Kabaklarlı, 32, now owns 1,500 olive trees after seeing the centuries-old trees being cut for coal mining. During a business trip […]

07 Aug

one of the oldest and largest olive press was discovered in northern Israel

An ancient olive-oil production complex dating from the 6th-7th Centuries CE , one of the largest ever exposed in Israel was discovered at Ahihud, in excavations conducted by the Israel Antiquities Authority. A unique and impressive complex for producing oil that dates to the Byzantine period, which is also one of the largest uncovered in […]

24 Jun

1500 years Old Olive Tree

This olive tree is over 1,500 years old and stands on the Ionian island of Ithaka, the home of the hero, Odysseus who returned there after the Trojan Wars. Astronomers have now confirmed that Homer’s description of the solar eclipse when Odysseus got home and reclaimed his wife, Penelope from her suitors, points conclusively to […]