12 May

I am in awe of olives

By Gillian Hirst, I THINK at last count I had 10 different styles of olives in my pantry. They are the perfect snack food. We enjoy them with wine and cheese, add them to salads, roast them with vegetables and use them in pastas. I have a beautiful (if I do say so myself) recipe […]

01 May

Peru’s purple olives soaked in history

By Maricel E. Presilla, On my first trip to Peru many years ago, I was captivated by the country’s black olives. Juicy, meaty and flavorful, they were a far cry from the rubbery California black olives of U.S. salad bars and a welcome change from the sharp, briny green Manzanilla olives I grew up eating […]

28 Apr

California Olive oil: for love or money

By Tina Caputo, California olive oil history dates back hundreds of years to the late 1700s, when the first olive trees were brought over from Spain. As the industry grew, olive trees became a common sight in Northern California and the Central Valley, and olive oil processing mills began opening to meet demand for the […]

27 Apr

Origin of Olives in South Africa

In 1902, after completing his studies at Saint Illario Agricultural College in Genoa, Ferdinando Costa arrived in Cape Town to assist his brother Raphael, who had set up a successful nursery in Wynberg. After a few years, Ferdinando was able to obtain his own small piece of land opposite the new Fernwood Estate in Newlands […]

09 Apr

Greece, Olive Museum in Kavala

An old oil mill abandoned since 1970 in Eleochori, near Kavala in northeastern Greece, has been restored to house the area’s Olive Museum, where visitors can learn about Greek history and folklore down through the centuries through olive products. The oil mill, built in 1950, had a direct impact on the region, signaling an era […]