16 Mar

The humble olive

JAMES HIPKISS writes on the history, varieties and best ways to enjoy olives. Most Malaysians are familiar with olive oil. It is now commonly available in ever increasing varieties in nearly all supermarkets and specialist shops. However, the olive itself is not so commonly used here, and perhaps not so often seen in most Malaysian […]

29 Feb

History affirms benefits of olive oil in diet

By Roy Pirrung, For many years health advocates have touted the benefits of a Mediterranean diet, at the base of that diet is olive oil. Since the Bronze Age, olive oil in the diet has been the cornerstone of health for many reasons. Many people dislike the taste and the thought that it contains saturated […]

18 Nov

Two very different takes on Lebanon’s love affair with olive oil

By Christian Porth, Every year from early November until late January, farmers throughout Lebanon engage in the timeless ballet that is the olive harvest. Dating back to the Phoenicians in the 3rd century, the production of olive oil has remained one of Lebanon’s oldest industries. With olive oil a key ingredient in most traditional Lebanese […]

11 Nov

The Olive in California: History of an Immigrant Tree

With California olives and olive oils now savored all over the globe, this beautifully illustrated volume is a timely tribute to the California olive and its much-deserved place in history. Click here to preview the book online!

11 Nov

Table Olives: Production and Processing

This book covers the history, botany and agricultural aspects of the crop, summarising the techniques that have been developed to improve harvesting, processing and packaging of olives. Full details are provided relating to the physico-chemical and microbiological aspects of processing of each of the olive types. It will serve as a practical guide to agricultural […]