05 Nov

Off The Beaten Path: The Wolfskill Olive Ranch

“A tree will produce and produce. You can neglect it, abuse it, forget about it, not water it and it’ll still produce olives,” says Dan Flynn, a U.C. Davis scientist. They stand as immovable sentinels of the past. Many of these giant mission olive trees are almost four stories tall and at nearly a century […]

02 Nov

DNA shows ancient ship carried olive oil, oregano

DNA scraped from inside clay vessels show that a ship that sank off the coast of Greece 2,400 years ago was carrying a cargo of olive oil, oregano, and probably wine, researchers reported on Friday. [Source] Click here to continue

22 Sep

All you need to know about Olive Oil

Do you want to eat and live healthy? Many says olive oil, the cooking oil with the highest level of monounsaturated fatty acids, is the right product to ensure your healthy life. Here is all you need to know about olive oil. Olive oil is used abundantly in cooking, baking and marinating throughout the Mediterranean […]

14 Aug

Californian table olive growers get record prices as acreage shrinks

By Ching Lee, California olive growers are expecting excellent prices for this year’s crop, which is projected to be 112,000 tons, up considerably from last year’s 16,800 tons. After a disastrous crop in 2006, California table olive growers are poised to receive some of the highest prices ever for their fruit this year, but many […]

23 Jul

200 years old heritage trees lost

By Kerry Coleman, In 1820, a grove of olive trees was planted in Cranebrook by the wife of infamous convict Samuel Terry. Last week, Penrith council chopped down all of the nearly 200-year-old heritage-listed trees. Elderly Cranebrook resident Shirley Tesoriero was very fond of the trees that sat off Soling Crescent, near Boundary Road. “I’d […]