24 Mar

Harvesting and Production of Olive Oil in Aurigo, Liguria – Italy

08 Mar

Olive oil to show country of origin

By Zoë Casey, All olive oils, from Spain’s golden nutty olive oils to Italy’s dark green grassy-flavoured olive oils, will be labelled with their country of origin from 1 July 2009, the European Commission said today. Currently, olive oils are labelled with their country of origin on a voluntary basis, but Mariann Fischer Boel, the […]

16 Dec

Italian and Tunisian researchers relate olive oil quality with fruit ripening

The study tested the ideal ripening stage to extract an olive oil with proper chemical profiles and the best oxidation levels. The chemical composition and quality of virgin olive oil may be influenced by genotype and different agronomic and technological factors. Extra virgin olive oil is considered to be the best olive oil for its […]

10 Dec

Olive harvest unaffected by snow in Spain

Snow falling across Spain has not harmed the olive crop in the world’s largest producer or significantly slowed the ongoing harvest, a farm union said. Spanish television has broadcast pictures in recent days of snowbound olive pickers in southern region Andalucia, which accounts for most of Spain’s olive oil output and by itself far surpasses […]

07 Dec

Italy toasts its love for life, with the best of olive oil

By Rasheeda Bhagat, It is with a lot of passion and zeal that most Italians speak about their cuisine and even wine. This borders on veneration when it comes to major producers of olive oil in Italy, as a group of 12 international journalists discovered during a recent olive oil trip to the Puglia and […]