17 Jun

Documentary: Il Buco’s Olive Oil Harvested by Seniors

Il Buco owner Donna Lennard will debut her olive-oil documentary, La Raccolta, at the Food Film Festival tomorrow night. The film captures the waning traditions of Umbria’s olive-oil harvest, and a tasting of what Lennard calls the region’s “full-flavored, herbaceous, and spicy oil” will follow. Lennard attended NYU’s graduate film program, but this is her […]

17 Jun

Organic Olive Growing: Biol Prize at the Ifoam Congress

Which is the best 2008 organic olive oil in the world, where does it come from, who produced the best blended and which extra virgin olive oil presented the best label and packaging? The most important rewards in the world for organic olive growing – Biol Prize, Biolblended and BiolPack – will will be handed […]

21 Apr

Italian police arrest 39 over fake olive oil export

Italian police have arrested 39 people and seized truckloads of fake olive oil destined for the United States, Germany and Switzerland to be sold at a big profit. Police said on Monday they seized 25,000 litres (5,500 gallons) of the fake oil. The gang was adding flavouring and colourants to vegetable oil and slapping false […]

31 Mar

Ranzo Italy: Olive Oil Festival

The Olive Oil Festival will be held from 3rd to 6th April in Ranzo in Imperia’s hinterland. Arrived at the 6th edition, this year this big festival is yet again promoted by Ranzo Council, the Region, Province and the Mountain Community of the Alta Valle Arroscia Many olive oil producers of Ranzo , well known […]

08 Mar

what does ‘extra-virgin’ really mean?

Bee Wilson looks into the murky world of olive oil. ‘Extra-virgin’ suggests great purity. It sounds even better in Italy, land of superlatives and Madonnas: extravergine. It rolls off the tongue like a prayer. So it’s a shame that much Italian extra-virgin olive oil – perfect oil from the first pressing of olives – is […]