16 Aug

California Olive Oil Council promotes seal

• Says it guarantees extra virgin olive oil authenticity • Antidote to the trade in adulterated olive oil The California Olive Oil Council has launched a promotional campaign for its seal of certification for extra virgin olive oil following publication of a report laying out the problem of adulterated imported olive oil. The report, “Letter […]

06 Aug

Italy: The trade in adulterated olive oil

By Tom Mueller, On August 10, 1991, a rusty tanker called the Mazal II docked at the industrial port of Ordu, in Turkey, and pumped twenty-two hundred tons of hazelnut oil into its hold. The ship then embarked on a meandering voyage through the Mediterranean and the North Sea. By September 21st, when the Mazal […]

01 Aug

Australia: Olive oil, Greek food halve heart deaths

By Tamara McLean, Australians who regularly eat a Mediterranean-style diet rich in olive oil, vegetables and light cheese are halving their risk of dying from heart disease, research shows. The benefits of the diet are well documented in Greece and Italy but a newly released Melbourne study has confirmed the same benefits can be reaped […]

30 Jul

Linda Stafford demystifies extra-virgin olive oil

It’s not always the label on the wine bottle that attracts admiring attention at dinner parties. Sometimes it’s on the one containing green-gold extra-virgin olive oil. In the past 7 years there has been a small revolution in the winelands that has nothing to do with grapes. It gathered momentum when Italy’s Giulio Bertrand bought […]

29 Jul

Italy: Clean Energy derived from olives and grapevines in Chianti

Tuscany’s 12 hills to become centre of biomass production – Chianti could become a production centre for renewable biomass energy thanks to an abundance of vegetable by-products from the cultivation of olives and grapes, in addition to livestock and wood farming. The University of Florence already has an experimental project in place to study eventual […]